7 Tips for Designing a Hotel Room

With an increasing number of people traveling for business and leisure, the hotel industry is on the rise. To accommodate this increase in demand, hotels are constantly striving to be more innovative with their design. One way that hotels can stay competitive in a tight market is through interior design. In this blog post we will share 7 tips for designing a hotel room that will make your guests want to come back again.

Add a mini bar to make your guests feel like they are at home:

Of course a professional room service will make your guests feel special. However, not everyone feels comfortable using it to order drinks and beverages again and again. Make sure that you add a mini bar in every room to make your guests feel like they are at home.

Add amenities such as shampoo and conditioner, lotion and more:

Common amenities like shampoo, conditioner, soap and tooth paste must be available in every room of your hotel. Most of your guest will not be carrying these with them. Searching for a store to get such items can end up as a bad experience for them. You can easily win their trust by providing such common items.

Use neutral color scheme:

Keep it simple with neutral colors; you do not want the room design to take away from anything else going on in the hotel or distract visitors.

Make sure every room has proper lighting:

Make sure there is plenty of lighting for reading and working, even if there is no desk. Use attractive lights that could make your guest feel happy.

Create sitting areas throughout the hotel:

If possible, provide an area where guests can sit outside their rooms without feeling closed-in.

Provide your guests with complimentary glasses:

Offer complimentary wine glasses so people do not have to use plastic cups when getting some refreshment from the mini fridge.

Use of artwork is also very important:

Lastly, add artwork throughout the space using different sized frames to keep it interesting.

Using these tips you can successfully make your guest feel great during their stay at your hotel. However, it is highly recommended that you take on the services of a professional who holds experience in hospitality interior design in Dubai to upgrade your hotel rooms in a professional manner.

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