Engaging with the Mesa community

Emily Brozewics participating in goat yoga in Gilbert. (Photo Courtesty of Emily Brozewics)

By Lori Fusak

The Public Insight Network at Arizona State University welcomed guest speaker, Emily Brozewics, the communications coordinator at Visit Mesa to the lab.

Visit Mesa is a visiting center and online resource for what the city and neighboring communities have to offer.

Brozewics is committed to discovering all of Mesa’s “must dos” in the community. In order to do this, she reaches out to local businesses, attends numerous events and engages with online users through social media.

Brozewics blogs about the upcoming events, trends and must-see attractions. She hosts tours for reporters and social media influencers to highlight different tourist attractions across the city and other areas Visit Mesa promotes.

A favorite tour for Brozewics is the Fresh Foodie Trail which includes the Queen Creek Olive Mill, Joe’s Farm Grill, True Garden and more.

These media guests take photos on the tour and share them on social media using #VisitMesa. The Fresh Foodie Trail posts get a lot of attention because it is trendy to post pictures of food on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Brozewics is an “outdoor adventure explorer” who enjoys hitting the hiking trails on the weekends. Her favorite restaurant that she recommends everyone should try is Republica Empanada.

Lori Fusak formerly interned with Visit Mesa.


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