Brittany Norton from FOX Sports Arizona talks fan engagement

Brittany Norton is the senior coordinator of marketing and client services at FOX Sports Arizona. (Photo Courtesy of Brittany Norton)

By Brooke Pettet

On April 11, the Public Insight Network Bureau at Arizona State University hosted guest speaker, Brittany Norton. Norton is the senior coordinator of marketing and client services at FOX Sports Arizona.

Norton started by talking about her background. Originally from Florida, Norton attended the University of Florida and earned her degree in telecommunications production. From six different internships throughout college, she gained experience in the media industry.

After working in videography for the Seattle Seahawks, Norton accepted her role at FOX Sports Arizona.  Norton takes on many tasks including running all of the social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WordPress), hosting “The Morning Buzz with FOX Sports Arizona” and “After the Bullpen” shows, designing graphics, organizing fan development programs such as KidKaster and Fan Express, as well as producing content and much more.

When it comes to fan engagement, Norton explained how they focus on being a fan too and that they keep that mindset into consideration when tweeting during games. “If the team is losing, we want to tweet how a fan is feeling, so we will tweet a gif or something like that,” Nortion said. She also said Twitter is the best social media tool for immediate engagement with the community. “Over Twitter, you can instantly get likes, comments, and you can always be replying back to fans,” she said.

Out of all of her duties, Norton talked about how KidKaster is her favorite. When a child is selected to be a KidKaster, they are able to interact with and interview their favorite players and interact with the broadcast talent and announce during games.,“It’s amazing being able to make an impact in these kids lives,” Norton said. “You never know, this may be the career that they want to pursue in the future!”

Brooke Pettet is an intern a FOX Sports Arizona and staff member at the PIN Bureau.


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