How PIN Sources Influence The News

Across the country, PIN sources are sharing personal stories and expertise to help journalists deepen reporting on a range of topics. This is a collection of stories by PIN Bureau partner newsrooms and informed by PIN sources.

Cronkite News

In Focus: Social media memorialization and ‘cybergraves’

The PIN Bureau distributed a query to hear from Arizonans with experience handling the social media of someone who has passed. Additional insight was provided on how social media impacts the mourning process. Sources mentioned using the deceased’s social media accounts as a means of remembrance and funeral information distribution. Another source used described the maintenance of accounts for the deceased as “dehumanizing.”

InFocus: Finding Hidden Resources for Autism Care

PIN sources shared their experience with autism in Arizona, resulting in a featured story on the Cronkite News podcast, In Focus. Yuma resident Elizabeth Gullikson spoke about her four-year-old son, Gavin, who has autism and their family’s experience accessing “hidden resources” in small towns.

What’s the score?: People getting credit scores may not understand them

The PIN Bureau reached out to its network in Arizona to find voices that have had personal experiences relating to credit. Some voiced that credit was not a fully understood topic and the news team was able to use real experiences to inform their reporting.

Can Arizona become a foodie destination? State officials, restaurant association think so

Could Arizona become a foodie destination? Cronkite News asked PIN sources for their thoughts on the state becoming a top destination for culinary experiences. PIN sources recommended their favorite Arizona restaurants, traditional Arizona dishes and shared their favorite foodie photographs.

Low pay for Arizona teachers lowers morale, retention

Low salaries for teachers in Arizona leads to a low morale. Two PIN sources helped explain what the classroom environment is like, how hard it is, but that they are going to try and do their best.

Hooked Rx: From Prescription to Addiction

Hooked Rx: From Prescription to Addiction is a 30-minute investigative report that examines the impact of prescription painkiller addiction. PIN sources shared what it’s like to struggle with opioid addiction and recovery, insight on how their families were effected by opioid use, and their medical expertise.

How we used texting to engage Arizona delegates during the political conventions

For the 2016 national political conventions, the PIN Bureau reached out to Arizona delegates who opted in to receive text messages. The delegates shared their reactions, feelings and photos while at the conventions.

Patients seek alternatives for pain treatment

In order to avoid potentially addictive opioids, some chronic pain sufferers are turning to alternative forms of treatment. A PIN source shared how he uses medical marijuana to manage his pain.

Some fliers curse airline fees, but balk at a possible congressional cure

A proposed U.S. Senate bill would have prohibited airline fees on things like baggage and reservation cancellations. PIN sources told Cronkite News whether they believed government regulation was needed.

Colorado Public Radio

Are student debt and rising home prices leading to another housing crisis?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, home ownership for people under 35 is at a historic low. A PIN source shared how her student debt has kept her out of the housing market.

Colorado Muslims say their faith is often misunderstood

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump called for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. PIN sources told Colorado Public Radio what they want others to know about Islam and how the media portrays their religion.


Security concerns about voter rolls keeps outspoken feminist away from polls

A PIN source shares why her fear of leaked voting information is keeping her away from the polls.

Woman votes morning of 9/11, avoids attack on World Trade Center

A PIN source shared her most memorable voting experience, which coincided with one of the most tragic events in U.S. history.

Visually impaired Louisiana voter faces challenges at polls

Visually impaired voters in Louisiana are supposed to receive extra time and assistance at the polls. A PIN source shared how, as a blind man, he felt ignored by politicians.

The Wichita Eagle

A 71-year-old Wichita lesbian happy for a new generation

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to make gay marriage legal. A PIN source told The Wichita Eagle her experience as a gay teenager in 1960’s Kansas.

Wichitans adapting to more bicycle lanes downtown

PIN sources told The Wichita Eagle how they felt about the addition of bike lanes downtown.