PIN Bureau reaches millennials through PIN awards

By Elliott Adams, Madelaine Braggs and Melanie Whyte

We aimed to reach millennials and invite them to become sources for the Public Insight Network by designing a fun table display on Arizona State University’s downtown Phoenix campus.

Creating a “red-carpet” Hollywood atmosphere at Taylor Mall, we awarded passersby with gold stars based on what they told us what made them a “star.” Some were talented singers, passionate speakers or graceful dancers, who all had their star moment in front of the camera as they accepted their awards.

After accepting their award and signing up for PIN, each person pinned their gold star to our PIN board to create a visual display of the various topics covered by the new PIN sources’ areas of expertise.

Each person who shared their expertise had the opportunity to talk about it in front of the camera, or, in some cases, showcase their talents. The video we produced included some of these video clips, in order to highlight who PIN sources are and the diversity of their insight. We also aimed to get various shots of our team engaging with the campus community in order to further influence millennial interest in the PIN Bureau.

As many of the people we engaged with were unaware of what the PIN Bureau does, we hoped this video could provide an exciting example of the bureau’s mission.

We received a positive response and many new source signups.

Many vocalized their support and excitement for the bureau’s goals of making newsgathering more inclusive, diverse and in-depth.

Our experiment also uncovered some personal insight for our team about assumptions, as many participants shared talents and expertise they possessed that was maybe unexpected on a first impression.

Overall, we learned that the millennials we spoke with are open to the PIN Bureau’s philosophy; it is just a matter of effectively connecting with that demographic to gain their insight as sources.


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