Students celebrate their areas of expertise


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By Amber Franklin, Lori Fusak, Brooke Pettet and Alex Walters

In a day-long outreach event, we focused on signing up millennials for the Public Insight Network. We tabled outside of the Memorial Union on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus.

PIN’s philosophy is that “everyone is an expert in something,” so we wanted to focus our experiment on that aspect. We did so by having every person share their areas of expertise in writing on a white board. We received results such as cooking, sports, yoga and more.

Through tabling, we learned how to get out of our comfort zones and connect with people while they go through their daily routine. We provided a “candy for your thoughts” for every source that signed up for PIN and had a goal of signing up 25-30 sources. We ended up recruiting 46 new sources.

Some were hesitant to speak to us and some were also skeptical of why there was a need to sign up, but for the most part all of the sources we connected with were interested in the purpose of this project, and they asked about our area of expertise, too. The millennials we spoke with are definitely interested in signing up for PIN and helping reporters enhance their stories. It was exciting to see all the different hobbies that you may not expect from someone by just looking at them.


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