Inside the creation of SparkPoint Studio

(Photo courtesy of Crystal Patriarche)

By Megan Amandio

Crystal Patriarche of SparkPoint Studio spoke to the PIN Bureau about her experience opening her own public relations studio and using audience engagement techniques for her clients.

Patriarche’s background started in the technology industry doing public relations for Weber Shandwick and Brodeur Worldwide. She eventually left technology to follow her passion for reading books and writing, starting SparkPoint Studios.

One of the service areas in her studio is Booksparks, which focuses on helping authors promote their books. Patriarche loves reading, and her first book-related public relations campaign was for an author she greatly admired who came to her looking for help. Ever since then, her passion for book-related public relations has grown.

SparkPoint Studio also has an online platform for female writers and journalists called SheWrites. Women are welcomed to write about anything that interests them in this platform and share their experience with other women around the world.

When SparkPoint Studio first opened, it was a small office space in Patriarche’s home that eventually moved into a larger office. Word-of-mouth was useful when the business first started, but social media has helped the studio in many ways.

Patriarche uses audience engagement tactics to get followers to participate and share information about SparkPoint Studio. For example, Patriarche will post a contest or upcoming events on social media to engage the audience to get to know the staff or get involved with the studio.

She said it is always beneficial to define your audience before you begin a public relations campaign.

Her clients have pitched stories to many big-name companies and succeeded. One of her clients is Sara Shepard, the author of the popular books-turned-television show, Pretty Little Liars.”


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