Connecting with audiences in person, online and with engaging content

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Zamora)

By Emma Green

As the chief audience officer at the Texas Tribune, Amanda Zamora leads growth and development through a combination of digital storytelling and community engagement.

Prior to her work with the Texas Tribune, Zamora played a key role as an editor for ProPublica in New York. She also worked with The Washington Post where she gained nearly a decade of experience and became the publication’s first social media and engagement editor. Zamora has academic experience as a former adjunct professor at Columbia University’s graduate journalism school and as a social analytics instructor for the Knight Center for Journalism.

Zamora shared her knowledge and experience with the Public Insight Network Bureau at Arizona State University, offering valuable insight on audience engagement, social media and creating long-term relationships with readers.

She spoke about the importance of face-to-face interaction with audiences and the value of organizing community events where public officials and community members can meet to discuss local issues such as government policies and education. Zamora emphasized the importance of an open forum, providing community leaders with an opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with local residents.

Zamora discussed her passion for both digital journalism and storytelling, noting that both play an important role when it comes to connecting with audiences on a deeper level. Amanda indicated that it’s important to foster an ongoing dialogue with readers by following through on the coverage of stories and issues audiences are passionate about.

Amanda also discussed the use of social media and how it can be a great multifaceted platforms for creating an initial connection with audience members. Through the Texas Tribune, Amanda and her team have developed a messaging app called Paige. Paige connects audience members to local government through detailed policy descriptions and updates, keeping members informed and allowing them to interact by asking her specific questions.


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