Tips from a social media expert: How to help businesses engage with their online audiences

Susanna Satta works as the social media marketing manager for AdMix Social, a company that works to help businesses effectively interact with their online audience. (Photo courtesy of Susanna Satta)

By Elliott Adams 

“Take as many internships as you can!”

Susanna Satta, social media marketing manager for AdMix Social, gave PIN Bureau students this advice during a discussion about her role in engaging online audiences.

Now an Arizona State University alumna, Satta took multiple internships during her time in college and said it helped her to figure out her best career path.

Satta currently works for AdMix Social in Scottsdale, a digital agency dedicated to improving its client’s consumer engagement and audience interaction. The company provides social media expertise to ensure their clients are reaching their audiences in the most effective and impactful way.

Satta told the PIN Bureau that for many of her clients, Facebook is an easy and reliable way to reach multiple demographics. However, she noted that each client’s goals will produce different social media strategies, and what works for some may not work for others. For example, Satta said that though Snapchat is on the rise in terms of popularity and usage and is a service offered by AdMix Social, it is not always worth it for companies to promote on the platform as it can be limited in terms of content and outreach.

Facebook and Instagram on the other hand, provide simple layouts for companies like AdMix to properly tailor social media posts for their client’s target audience.

Satta stated that as a social media marketing manager, she has to consistently keep up with online trends as they are constantly changing and also tracks statistical feedback in order to measure the success of her company’s social engagement.


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