Social media and the business of physical therapy

(Photo courtesy of Brett Fischer)

By Alex Walters

Brett Fischer, owner of Fischer Institute of athletic training and physical therapy, recently spoke with the PIN Bureau about his experience with the development in social media and its relevance to his clientele and business’s success.

He mentioned that at first, clientele was spread by recommendations from doctors and word of mouth, and that as social media developed, so did its importance to new clientele. As he grew his social media presence, with the help of his social media savvy son, he realized that the better his presence was, the better his clientele grew.

His son, who is popular on Instagram for his cityscape photography, helped him to learn what works and what doesn’t and how important hashtags and SEO are.

He realized that sharing photos and videos of current clients helped to assure new clients of the reliability and efficiency of his facility.

In this day and age, he said that people are very reliant on their phones and the social capital of a company to help convince them to trust it. If you aren’t keeping current and up-to-date with technology, it leaves a bad impression on the public and makes it that much harder to be able to compete with others in the same field.

This learning experience also continues to happen for him as social media and technology is forever changing, and he finds it exciting and rewarding to continue to learn and better his knowledge with the changing times.

He then went on to say that before he would have never thought of needing to hire a social media intern but that now it seems perfectly necessary so that he can have someone who has expertise in the area to help him keep up.

Alex Walters has interned with the Fischer Institute.


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