How social media content develops relationships with listeners

(Photo courtesy of Malcolm Brinkley)

By Madelaine Braggs

Malcolm Brinkley was a recognized personality around the downtown Phoenix Arizona State University campus, as a DJ and a host for events like Taylor Fest, while a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

He took those skills and landed a job as digital content coordinator at iHeartMedia while also running his own photography and DJ businesses. At iHeart, Brinkley wears many hats contributing to the engagement between the radio station and the Phoenix community.

Recently Brinkley wore the tour-guide hat when children from Boys & Girls Club came to see what goes on behind the scenes. He utilized Instagram live and bravely handed off his phone to the group of children to run the feed from his personal account. Brinkley and his team use Facebook to create surveys where fans can vote on their favorite song of the year or their favorite Justin Timberlake hairstyle.

He took a break out of his busy schedule to speak with the PIN Bureau.

He described how all of his skills including social media, DJ, photography, event planning and his personality come together to create content that engages and entertains the listener, which builds a loyal relationship. “Content is king right now,” he said.

According to Brinkley, one of the best thing you can do to set you apart from others is to create a personal brand. For example, on Instagram, create a theme. Edit all of your photos with similar colors and techniques for consistency.

He also gave this advice: Put yourself and your needs above loyalty to a company.

Madelaine Braggs is a correspondent for iHeartRadio and provides event marketing support for iHeartMedia. She is also a Spring 2017 PIN Bureau team member.


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