Founder of shades magazine shares career advice

By DaJa Maxwell

From the Bay Area to Arizona, Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig is engaging communities across the west. Fitzhugh-Craig, who is a graduate from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, has been working in the industry as a journalist for more than 18 years and has won many awards for her work along the way.

She started her own magazine, shades Magazine in 1998 and it has been growing since. Featured in her magazine are stories about engaging women of color from all different backgrounds.

She is currently is teaching a digital graphic design course at ASU.

Fitzhugh-Craig was gracious enough to take a few minutes from her busy schedule and stop by the PIN bureau to speak about her career, life and she even gave some tips on engaging communities.

The conversation started with Fitzhugh-Craig giving an overview of her lengthy career in journalism and then went into her giving advice on how to engage different communities and what her experience was like.

She said, “I’ve written too many stories to name, if I had to put a number on it, I’d say more than 500 over a course of 5 years.”

When asked what her advice on engaging a new community she said, “Just do it, just go for it. But be mindful of that community.”

Fitzhugh-Craig stressed the importance of networking and making long lasting connections, which could help you in the future for your career.

A parting piece of advice she gave was to try a new thing each week, which is something she gives extra credit for in her class.

After many years of giving back to the ASU community by teaching, Fitzhugh-Craig has decided to take a hiatus and head back to the Bay Area where she will continue to work on her magazine.

Check out some of her work, and her online magazine.


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