Public Insight Network sources take to the trails and share their expertise

By Miranda VanHorn

Arizona is full of incredible hiking spots, so we asked residents of the Grand Canyon State to share their pictures, advice and trail suggestions, as well as insights into their motivations for taking to the trails.

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The sources who responded are a pretty adventurous crew, hiking from Coyote Buttes up to Mount Humphreys, and nothing gets in their way.

Scottsdale resident Hillary Cawrse shared why she hikes:

“I hike because being in nature and exploring helps to keep me balanced and grounded. It’s a chance to get away from the chaotic world we live in and take a breather. It’s my release. I clear my head from any mental chatter and focus on what’s around me. I take it all in. I am in my element and feel at home. I feel alive.

“THIS is what soothes my soul the most.”

Different sources had other incentives.

Prescott-based blogger Elisabeth Haugan told us, “Two hours in any direction and you’re someplace new!”

What is the best hiking spot? Share your pictures with us!


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