Periscope engages android audience


The PIN Bureau @ ASU stream on Periscope. (Screenshot courtesy of Sara Weber)

Android users can finally use the video streaming app Periscope as of yesterday. The app has been available to those with iPhones since its inception in late March.

It may have been worth the wait, though, as Android users get access to some Periscope features iPhone users have yet to try. The Washington Post reports Android users will be able to pick up where a stream left off if they lose service or receive a phone call. Android users will also have more control over the application’s push notifications.

The app allows users to start or view live broadcasts and recently has become very popular among journalists and news organizations. Reporters have used Periscope recently to show the unrest in Baltimore and the effects of an earthquake in Nepal. Some are also experimenting with taking questions from viewers during live interviews and events.

Many companies are beginning to prioritize making apps available to Android phones given their prominence in the market. According to Gartner, a research firm, there were more than one billion Androids sold in 2014; that’s more than five times the number of iPhones.

Periscope hopes to create a platform for the application that feels “familiar but modern,” according to its blog post announcing the extension to Android phone systems.


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